Over 45 Years of Experience...
Our company was established in year 1971 by MSc Civil Engineer M r. Orhan Aytekin as Turkish government general contractor. In year 1974 he was adjoined by Civil Engineer Mr. Serol Acar. By year 1996 MSc Civil Engineer Ismail Aytekin joined the company and by year 2002 with the joining of Mining Engineer Mr. Mehmet Aytekin the current company structure was reached. By year 2003 the company was novated under "Aytekin-Serol Engineering, Construction and Trade Services Ltd. Co".

The field of activities at the initial stages included government construction contracting, which later also included residential housing development projects and finally US Government projects in Turkey. Until today over 200,000 sm. of government facilities, over 80,000 sm. of housing units and over 120 US Government projects have been completed. The company currently has more than 110 employees on the payroll 12 of which are engineers. Our own crew is only twenty percent of our work force since we work mainly with subcontractors and affiliates and focus more on project management.

Aytekin-Serol Company does not only build facilities, we build quality and value for our customers, we build strong relationships with our colleagues and business partners.