• Contract No: W912GB-06-C-0014
  • Project Name: Eagle Houses Restrooms and ve Parking Lots
  • Contract Amount: 224,356.0 USD
  • Scope of Project: At the Eagle Housing area, public restroom building and 2 each car parking lots have been built. Restroom building consists of male and female sections, as well as toilets have been constructed for people with handicaps. A new electrical distribution panel has been installed for the electrical need. New feeding cable has been installed between this panel and nearest transformer substation in existing ductlines and manholes. New interior and exterior lighting fixtures, hand-dryers and receptacles have been installed inside the building. New water foundation and a sink have been installed out of the building. Within this project, two each car parking lots have been built of concrete. We have installed lighting poles with induction type lighting fixtures for the parking lots lighting complete with power cables and grounding.