USAFE_39th Contracting Squadron

  • Contract No: FA5685-09-D-0003-3006
  • Project Name: Repair/Replace Electrical Power Generator, TACAN Building #2550
  • Contract Amount: 148,521.48 USD
  • Scope of Project: Within the scope of this project; existing generator, ATS (automatic transfer switch), fuel pump, fuel pipes and electrical panels in the TACAN building have been removed. New 33kVA generator, 100A by-pass insulated ATS, new fuel pump have been installed insdie the building. New double wall steel fuel pipes have been installed between the generator and the daily fuel tank and between the daily fuel tank and underground fuel tank. In addition, new MDP and Test Panels have been installed. New 380/208V step transformer has been installed for 110V for appliances. Existing air conditioning unit has been connected to the new MDP panel. Within the building, necessary electrical connections have been performed. New Load Bank Connection Panel has been installed on the wall of the building . New exhaust fan has been installed forr ventilation of the room. Existing RMU and transformer supplying the building have been dismantled, and a new Low Voltage Panel and dry type 50kVA transformer have been installed, all required cabling has been performed.