USAFE_39th Contracting Squadron

  • Contract No: F61358-03-C-0019
  • Project Name: Repair Refueling Area Tanks 1-2-3
  • Contract Amount: 2,730,710.09 USD
  • Scope of Project: The most obvious work items are; at the fuel tank number 3, elimination of harmful gases, sand blasting, fixing the holes on the tank wall consisting cracked and damaged concrete surfaces, pouring concrete onto the the walls of the inner surface of the tank after the implementation of a special fiber reinforced concrete base material coated with fiberglass, replacement of the pump and the necessary pipeline, installation of safety devices, construction of pit, renovation of control system, over-current protection valve (HLVD) installation, valves, necessary equipment and ventilation fans, replacement and modification of the piping system that is connected to the fuel delivery line.

    Repair items of fuel tanks 1 and 2 are; accumulating the solid fuel waste at the bottom of the tank, removal of the
    noxious gases free from the tanks, sand blasting, repair of the holes, cracks and damaged surfaceson the wall of the tank, and then painting with epoxy.

    In addition, we can list; renewal of sump pumps and fuel transfer pumps, renewal of the pipeline, tank filling systems, installation of devices used in pantograph and the flow meter, valve, fuel hose, installation of security systems for filling devices, filling line pump and valve control system installations, ventilation fan assembly and other accessories.

    cathodic protection system and reporting system has been installed to protect all systems including tanks and pipelines, then users have been trained at the end of the construction.

    Two months before the expiry date of the contract, the construction has been completed and no work accident has occured during the work.